Training Philosophy-01

Chrysalis Network respects the knowledge and perspective of each participant and work to create an environment that honors their experiences and varying learning styles.  They believe in co-learning where participants and trainers share and learn from each other.  Through individual, small, and large group activities, with the addition of video and pop culture media examples, participants will have the opportunity to share and fully engage themselves in learning.  Finally, the eradication of sexual and domestic/dating violence cannot occur without the elimination of all forms of oppression such as sexism, heterosexism, racism, classism, and ablism.  Juliette’s work stems from this foundation and will be incorporated throughout Chrysalis Network trainings.


We are committed to providing effective and tailored training for individuals, professionals, communities, schools, and colleges and universities. We offer as many certified education units (CEUs) as possible for varying disciplines, (e.g. LCSW, LPC, CHES, etc.).  It is our goal to be able to offer a variety of accessible, affordable, and diverse training opportunities for all types of people and professionals, including:

    1. Advocates
    2. Business Owners
    3. Counselors
    4. Faith Leaders and Communities
    5. Judges
    6. Law Enforcement
    7. Lawyers
    8. Medical Doctors
    9. Military Personnel
    10. Nurses
    11. Parents
    12. Public Health Workers
    13. Psychologists
    14. Social Workers
    15. Staff and Administrators
    16. Students
    17. Teachers/Faculty
    18. Therapists

What people are saying about Chrysalis Network trainings: Client Testimonials 

Types of Trainings-01-01


Juliette prefers to facilitate trainings face-to-face, with groups of no more than 30 participants, and over a full-day.  With that said, we know this is not always possible and are happy to work within your time constraints. Types of in-person trainings include:

    1. Scheduled: all-day trainings open to the public. See June 2013 training flyer as an example.
    2. Lunch and Learns: a nice way to provide professional development in areas that are sometimes difficult to discuss in an informal and engaging way. Enjoy lunch while learning.  These generally last 45-90 minutes.
    3. Customized: We are happy to create an on-site customized training for you and your agency or team. To explore possibilities, please contact us at or (919) 624-9575, or complete the request form.


Juliette is interested in reaching a wide range of folks throughout North Carolina and nationally.  We understand that there are many restrictions prohibiting folks from being able to attend all-day trainings, including financial, time, and resources.  Coming soon, Chrysalis Network will be launching monthly webinar trainings.  While Juliette will provide some of these trainings, colleagues throughout the US will facilitate some as well.  These webinars will be as interactive as possible to maintain our standard of engaged learners.  Come back soon to sign-up for these opportunities!

Please contact Juliette Grimmett if you are interested in facilitating a webinar.

Training Topics-01

Juliette is able to provide training in a number of areas, specifically related to social justice and its connection to sexual and domestic/relationship violence.  If you don’t see a topic of interest below, please contact us. If we don’t feel comfortable providing training on your topic of interest, we likely know someone who can.

    1. Sexual Assault Response and Prevention
    2. Domestic/Relationship Violence Response and Prevention
    3. Stalking Response and Prevention
    4. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    5. Creating Engaging and Interactive Primary Prevention Programs
    6. Language and its Impact on Sexual and Domestic/Relationship Violence
    7. Gender Roles
    8. Masculinity and Patriarchy
    9. Activism
    10. Feminism
    11. Becoming an Active Bystander
    12. The Objectification of Women and Girls in the Media

Visit our Training Descriptions page for full details about existing trainings.