Program Descriptions

Working for Culture Change: A Story of Survival, Healing, and Action

Through research, media references and personal stories, this interactive and engaging workshop addresses the intersectionality of sexual violence, specifically the socio-cultural, racial, and gender dynamics that impact our society, such as privilege, power, oppression, and masculinity. Participants will leave with a call to action around what they can do to move the culture to a place of peace and equity.

Facilitated by Juliette and Marc Grimmett

60-90 minutes for large groups.

22 Years Later…. A 22 Campus Tour: A Story of Sexual Assault, Survival, and 22 Years of Healing & Action

Juliette Grimmett was raped as a first-year college student almost 22 years ago.  While student conduct found him responsible for sexual abuse, they gave him virtually no sanction, and as a result, Juliette was left to face him every day. Juliette’s path, while painful and difficult, led her to a career of bringing voice and action to sexual violence prevention and response. Juliette has since dedicated her life to helping college students recognize their power in preventing gender-based violence while simultaneously working with campuses to create cultures of prevention, accountability, and healing. Juliette will share her inspiring story of survival, while also educating the audience on consent, bystander action/inaction, how to create a coordinated campus response, and the key elements to a creating a campus culture of accountability and healing.  Juliette’s story was featured in the February 2015 edition of MORE Magazine, as well as a March 2015 episode of The Steve Harvey Show, highlighting that over 20 years later, campus rape and the institution’s response remain virtually unchanged.

Facilitated by Juliette Grimmett

75-90 Minute Program, available to large audiences

This program will meet your federal requirements on teaching consent and bystander intervention, as well as providing resources.

Consent: There are no Blurred Lines

We easily ask for or give consent to a variety of things every day; yet when it comes to sex, there is a common narrative of confusion. This interactive workshop will explore the often conflicting messages we receive around sex and consent, particularly through the media and pop culture. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of when consent is and is not given.

Facilitated by Juliette Grimmett

60-75 Minute Program, available to large audiences

Will meet your federal campus requirement on teaching consent and providing resources. 

MY MASCULINITY HELPS Screening and Discussion with Film-Maker

MY MASCULINITY HELPS, a documentary with partial funding from the Office on Violence Against Women, explores the role of African American men and boys in the prevention of sexual violence.  It shows African American male allies (psychologist, professor, peer educator, attorney, pastor, athlete, middle and high school students, activist) demonstrating understanding and support for survivors of sexual violence.  Strategies for assistance and prevention are provided.  Survivors also share their stories and what has helped them.  The film serves as a counter-narrative to often inaccurate and misleading portrayals of African American masculinity.  Book a screening now to engage your community in the deconstruction of gender roles, masculinity, and power and in the prevention of sexual violence.

Facilitated by Dr. Marc A. Grimmett

60-90 Minute Program, available to large audiences

Rape Culture: Separating from the Matrix

60-90 Minute Program, available to large audiences

Facilitated by Dr. Marc A. Grimmett