Consulting Services for Colleges & Universities

Juliette Grimmett, MPH and Co-founder of Chrysalis Network, has been working in the field of sexual, relationship, and domestic violence advocacy, training, education, and prevention for over 18 years, mostly on college campuses.  Her past 10 years have been focused on creating and implementing violence prevention and response programs on various college campuses including the University of South Carolina in Columbia, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH), and most recently, NC State University (NCSU).

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Juliette respects the knowledge and perspective of each client and strives to build a working relationship that honors your experiences, expertise, and needs. She is committed to creating tailored and effective services and programs that also fit your budget.  The eradication of sexual and relationship violence cannot occur without the elimination of all forms of oppression such as sexism, heterosexism, racism, classism, and ablism.  All of her work stems from this foundation and is the lens she uses to create programs, policies, and services.

Contact Juliette about customized consulting services for your college or university. We have listed below some of the consulting services Juliette provides. She looks forward to discussing other needs you may have, as well.

Contact:  juliette@chrysalisnetwork .com or (919) 624-9575.


Chrysalis Network offers customized services for colleges & universities, specific to the needs of your student body, faculty and staff. Read below for broad examples of ways we can work with your institution to develop the programming that will suit your needs.  Or view the Program Descriptions page for specific programming that Chrysalis Network has already developed.

Assessment and Evaluation

Experience: Juliette has been paid through grant-funding for the majority of her professional career.  As such, she got very used to completing extensive reports, conducting assessments, and also program and service evaluations.  Additionally, in graduate school she served as the Research Evaluator for a program called PREVENT, Preventing Violence Through Education, Networking, and Technical Assistance. While at NC State University (NCSU), Juliette worked with her campus response team to develop an assessment tool to determine sexual victimization and perpetration rates for NCSU students as well as their behaviors related to being an active bystander.  Juliette analyzed the results of this campus-wide survey and presented them across campus, ultimately contributing to the allocation of hard funding by the administration for two staff positions charged with sexual and relationship violence prevention and response.

Examples: Develop and administer campus-wide surveys; assessing the data; and creating presentations to share the findings with community members and stake holders

Direct Services

Experience: Since 2000, Juliette has been providing survivors of sexual and relationship violence with direct support services including hotline and in-person crisis counseling; medical, personal, academic, and legal advocacy; and court, student judicial, and hospital accompaniment. Additionally, Juliette has worked to create and market campus and community hotlines, response protocols, and developed a survivor fund program. While a graduate student at UNC – Chapel Hill, Juliette worked with a small group of students to create a proposal for the administration to fund a sexual and relationship violence response and prevention office on campus.  They accepted the proposal by funding one staff member.  It has since grown.

Examples: Create a crisis response center on campus, a campus hotline, survivor response protocol, survivor response training for faculty and staff, case staffing teams, awareness campaigns, and a survivor fund. We also provide training for campus counselors and other helping professionals related to basic information about sexual assault/relationship violence as well as medical and legal options and therapeutic strategies to use with survivors.

First-year Programming 

Experience: Juliette’s extensive experience with developing peer education programs as well as her training in empowerment-based learning and training principles has contributed to her success in developing interactive first-year programs.  The first-year students at NCSU voted the skit she created with her peer educators as the best of all skits performed for the first-year orientation program. Additionally, she developed and/or enhanced workshops for incoming students at the University of South Carolina – Columbia, University of NC at Chapel Hill and NCSU.  She has also served on two national advisory committees to review online sexual violence prevention training modules, intended for first-year college students. Juliette has provided extensive training for first-year orientation counselors so that they are able to process the programs as well as respond to any disclosures appropriately.  Lastly, Juliette has received training from the Department of Justice on best practices for first-year programs on college campuses.

Examples: Create a required training program/module for new students; work with a videographer to develop an educational video with your students to show during orientation; develop an interactive and engaging first-year training curriculum/program; create a training program for first-year orientation counselors; and develop workshops for first-year 101-type courses.


Experience: Juliette has written and received over $600,000 in state and federal grant funding for sexual and relationship/domestic violence response and prevention.  All of these awards were for college campuses with the exception of one grant that provided funding for a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program. She recently wrote a $300,000 grant for a NC campus to receive federal funding to provide advocacy and prevention programs for their students.  Additionally, Juliette has served on various grant review committees for the NC Department of Health and Human Services; facilitated an out-of-state training on grant-writing for practitioners; and served as the Project Investigator on 4 major grants.

Examples: Identify funding opportunities; write all or part of a grant; edit grants; and help prepare you to write a grant. Also develop sustainability plans. Juliette has a good deal of experience writing the Office on Violence Against Women Grant to Reduce Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking on Campus Program.

Peer Education 

Experience: Juliette served as a Sexual Health Awareness & Rape Education peer educator over 3 years of her undergraduate experience at the University of South Carolina (USC).  She was very active, holding leadership positions such as Publicity Coordinator, Treasurer, and Vice-President.  Being a peer educator guided Juliette’s career as she went on to work at a Rape Crisis Center and was later hired by USC to serve as the campus advocate and teach the peer education course that she had been a part of.  She later went to UNC-CH for Graduate School where she did her master’s research on services offered by campus violence prevention offices across the country, with a specific focus on peer education.  Using her research, she developed a peer education curriculum comprised of best practices from around the country.  In 2007, Juliette became NCSU’s first Rape Prevention Education Coordinator where she was able to implement this curriculum and created The Movement, a group of activist peer educators.  When she left NC State in 2012, there were over 40 active peer educators who facilitated close to 100 workshops a year on campus and in the greater community.

Examples: Develop a peer education curriculum and/or program; advise on how to incorporate these forms of violence into already existing peer education programs; enhance current peer education programs to incorporate activism and social justice; develop workshops for peer educators; and assist with institutionalizing a peer education program.

Policy Development 

Experience: In addition to working with survivors who have tried to navigate through challenging sexual misconduct policies (and dating violence policies when they exist), Juliette has been working at the state level on policy development for NC campuses.  Specifically, she has served as an invited member of the NC Sexual Violence Prevention Team (NCSVPT) since 2007. The NCSVPT is an interdisciplinary work group that has been in operation since 2006, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, through the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  Juliette serves on the campus work group of this team, and is currently on contract with DHHS and the NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault to lead this group’s efforts.  Our most recent outcome was developing a Guidance for Creating a Campus Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Intervention Policy for NC Colleges and Universities. This guidance was created based on national best practices and has been vetted by various national and state legal experts to ensure compliance with Title IX, the Clery Act, and the Dear Colleague Letter.  As a result of Juliette’s work with this policy, the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence has contracted with her to develop a model dating violence policy for NC colleges and universities.

Examples: Review and enhance current policies; develop new policies; incorporate the NCSVPT guidance into a working policy; and facilitate focus groups on your campus to get student input on needs for your campus policy.

Response Teams

Experience: Juliette has lead and co-lead multiple campus and community sexual assault and dating violence response teams.  In addition to leading already existing response teams, she created these teams at UNC-CH and NCSU.  She has received national training through the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women, on best practices for effective campus response teams. She previously wrote and was awarded a grant for the Richland County (Columbia, SC) Sexual Assault Response Team to receive specialized training over multiple years from End Violence Against Women International: Making a Difference: Challenging the Legal Process to Effectively Prosecute Sex Offenders.  This grant was awarded to only 8 teams in the country to serve as national models.

Examples: Develop a campus response team; determine members and effective approaches for team and member sustainability; develop a training curriculum for members; and develop member roles and responsibilities.

Survivor Story

Juliette’s Story: In 1995, Juliette was raped as a first-year college student. She has shared her story in a variety of professional capacities including Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner trainings, many campus Take Back the Night Programs, and a SC Attorney General’s Conference on Violence Against Women. She is available to share her story with your campus as part of first-year programming, sexual assault awareness month, Take Back the Night, or general training and awareness for your community.